I placed an order for my daughter's birth certificate. Got the documents and I was a happy customer.

Then 3 days go by and I get the documents again. I look at my statement and I was actually charged 3 times ($150.00). I called thier customer service and thier answer for this was that they did not know why it happened and that they do not have information as to why this would happen and since they do not know why they would be unable to refund the amount incorrectly charged. DUH!!!!

Really your answer is i dunno....wow!!

I have worked in the customer service industry and when you are wrong as a business you correct it. Bad bad bad company to deal with!!

Review about: Vitalchek Birth Certificate.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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When I asked questions about cancelling my order, I got the same run-around. Their answer was just "I don't know - that's the way it is"!


Are you sure you ordered at VitalChek and not the scammers. VitalChek only process a processing fee.

You might want to read carefully you might have went to US birt certificates, express legal or express vitals. They are the scam artist

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