I need a birth certificate in order to renew my drivers license since the laws in the state I live in currently changed in 2008 and that made my hospital issued birth certificate from Indiana that I used before worthless.

So I went to the DMV on July 7th and they are the ones who told me about Vitalchek. The person at the DMV said it would take no more than 5 minutes on the Vitalchek site and I'd have my birth certificate from Vitalchek in 5-10 days.

It's now August 6th and I haven't received my birth certificate, because each item I scan for them (old drivers license, vehicle registration, social security card etc) has so far been deemed by Vitalchek as "not legible" and they are asking me to fax copies to them in the follow up email.

I went to the DMV today to complain to them about Vitalchek, since they are the ones who recommended that site in the first place and was basically told that what Vitalchek does has nothing to do with them, so the DMV can't help me with the problems I'm having. Today (8-6-14) a different person at the DMV gave me a phone number for Vitalchek to call, but since it's now been almost 1 full month since my first attempt to get my birth certificate I'm not getting my hopes up.

Today I resubmitted (for the 4th time) documents to get my birth certificate and if I get another email back from Vitalchek telling me the the items I sent weren't "legible", I will try my best to cancel my order and take my business elsewhere.

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Monetary Loss: $38.

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