i was redirected to their site from pennsylvanias vital statistics site to get a copy of my moms death certificate- they took my credit card number and then decided they wanted all kinds of sensitive information including my ssn to complete my order and 'verify' who i was- they (obviously) ran my credit report and 'quizzed' me on info on it and THEN decided my card was declined- the website went blank and told me to call them- while i was waiting i found this site explaining how they are a scam- i told the woman on the phone that i was directed here from a govt site so how can they do this and she went over all my info and said 'no- your card went through' but they need more proof of my identity and i need to send in a copy of some form of id.... they just verified who i was with my credit report, have my social security number, my mom's last name, her maiden name, her parents name, her social and where we were both born....

all the things people need to steal your identity... i had to pay a fee to my bank to cancel my card and i have to call the credit companies to make sure my identity isnt stolen- what a horrible experience- never again- and i hope no one else falls for their scam- if you have to mail in id anyway you might as well mail it to the govt agency and skip the extra fees

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You could have went online for Pennslyvania, state department of vital statistics or health, one or the other. When I need a certificate or document like that, that is what I do, find out the cost for that particular state, the address of where to send it, and they have a form, etc.

that can be printed out. I then fill out that form, and send a check with it to the given address.

I would guess you could call those offices and give them the credit card information and get the same service. However, being you say the Pennsylvania office redirected you, your best bet would probably have been to use the mail.

they charge me for document and i paid for faster shipment and in up with nothing but you can pay another fee what in the world scam artist i would not ever recommend vital check to anyone if you need any copies contact vita records directly :sigh

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