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They promised to "locate" my document (for $66.25 including $14 for overnight delivery).They called two days later and said they couldn't "locate" my document but the fee was non-refundable because they "searched" for it....a "diligent" search, as they stated To make matters worse, they refused to refund the $14 overnight fee or the $7.25 "processing fee".

When I asked why I would pay $14 for something that was not going to be sent, let alone overnighted, they simply said, "Sorry, non-refundable". To justify the overnight fee, they overnighted a document stating they couldn't find the desired document.

This is some warped sense of humor (not to mention sense of honor) these people have.Brutal!!!

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The same thing would have happened if you had ordered it through you state offices. I don't know if they would have refunded the fees for overnight shipping, etc., but I do know they wouldn't have refunded the fee for searching for it. From now on I would just go through the Vital Statistics office at your state capital.

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