You are better of ordering certified copies of documents directly from the issuing authority rather than going through this 3rd party. I ordered a certified marriage certificate from VitalChek because I thought it would be quicker & less legwork. Wrong on both counts! I placed the order online & then received an email requesting that I provide a notarized request for the certificate. I faxed it to the county directly, as instructed, on a Friday. On Monday, I got an email stating that the notary seal was not dark enough to read & requesting that I darken it with a pencil & resend. Did that the same day. Next day, received an email asking me to call about an issue with my order - confusion as to the parties on the certificate. I called immediately & was told that I had listed myself as the groom & my husband as the bride on the order. I'm not that ***, so I went through a mock order again online to see where I went wrong. The page where you list the parties on the certificate only asks for "Party A" & "Party B" and instructs you to list exactly as on the original certificate. Nowhere does it label either party as the groom or the bride. I followed the instructions to a T. Problem is with VitalChek's order process, not me! Called & let rep know. He didn't care, but said he would send an email about it to his supervisor to appease me.

The only thing that I did not have to do myself going through VitalChek is get a cashier's check or money order & go to the post office, and since I went to the bank for the notary & could have gotten a cc, I really only saved a post office drive-by. Actually, going with VitalChek is taking more of my time & energy than if I had ordered the certificate directly from the county.

Also - know that you are going to have to pay additional $ for next day service if you want to receive the document within a reasonable timeframe. And, you will have to be at the delivery address to sign for it! I just went with regular mail (which they claim they cannot track (BS) or guarantee safe delivery), so we will see if I actually receive the order. VitalChek says regular mail can take something like 2 weeks after the order is filled. In the meantime, waiting for more emails letting me know my order is "on hold" for some illegitimate reason.

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