I'm so very pissed at this so called "service" to obtain vital records such as certified birth certificates, death certificates and marriage license copies. I started my simple request on the 4th of September, 2010.

It took 4 count em 4 phone calls to these people after being on hold over 45 minutes average wait time. Then, I decided to take matters in my own hands and call directly to the County Registry's office in the county I was born. I explained about their "contract" with Vitalchek and she seemed to understand immediately what I was telling her. This very kind woman in a very busy office (I'm sure with the state cutbacks) asked me to fax the request directly to her since Vitalchek couldn't comply and Lied to me on 4 occasions that indeed my authorization was sent to the county office.

Why lie? Why can't they just say, we messed up, we're sorry and we'll fix it right away. Well, 23 days later, I did receive my certified copy, but without any help from Vitalchek. I urge everyone reading this, do not pay $41.50 to these people for a copy of AnYThiNG.

Just do it the old fashioned way, call and stay online with your local recorders office for 55 minutes (yep, another absolutely needless wait) and tell them what you need and they will kindly help you through your needs. This company Sucks! Don't Use Them. Please I urge you to tell your friends and family members Not To Use this "service".

OK, I feel better now. Cio!

Product or Service Mentioned: Vitalchek Birth Certificate.

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