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I tried getting my dad's death certificate through Vitalchek. They repeatedly ignored the ID I scanned and sent, and told me they didn't have it. Then they said they wanted it double sized. Couldn't get a good response through any of this. Finally found a phone number and found out they didn't like the looks of my official birth certificate (it's white on black with a raised seal, exactly how it was sent to me). Then the questioned why the signature on my ID wasn't IDENTICAL to my signature on the form, etc., etc.

After finally finding a person in the Arizona Department of Vital Records to help me (who I unjustly blew up at after being run through Vitalchek one too many times), I was connected to a real person who agreed to refund the ENTIRE fee. If you've been screwed by them too, insist on it, or go to your credit card company and do a chargeback.

People, this is not brain surgery. You are offering an overpriced "service" (if I can dignify what you did to me in a time of mourning with that term) for which you seem to expect to collect fees and offer nothing in return. Utterly frustrating, humiliating, and unacceptable. Don't use if you can avoid it.

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