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I do everything that they ask when trying to order docs, and then, days later, get emails saying there is a problem. I then call, wait for 30Z+ minutes, and am disconnected. Try repeatedly to email and call, and no frikking human being helps.

They are a rotten company and waste your time an energy.

No matter what I do, they won't help. I gave up on two orders in the past few weeks, so tried again. One order, supposedly is doing OK, the other order, they ask how I am related.

The FAQ online don't cover the issue. What is the point even dealing with them?

It's funny, I dealt with them a few times last Summer, and everything went fine. Now, they are worse than a govt department in the former Soviet Union.

I would strongly suggest everyone avoid them unless you want to get suicidal. They are THAT bad.

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Vitalchek is a scam. They take your info - S.S.

# and then your money with no refund. Days later you get an email stating something is wrong, do EVERYTHING they say and it will still get you nothing.

Message saying my photo(jpeg) was to dark or not sharp. When I look at what I sent then,as a pro photographer, I can say my images are as good as they get.After 4 tries I gave up and went straight to the county I was born in, may take a long time but at least it is going to happen at half the cost vitaripoff charges!!Look at all the complaints against them and you decide if you want to wast your time and money-no refunds even if they can not do their job?


I finally cancelled my request after seeing all the complaints and getting repeated eamils, repeatedly uploading documents, and only being told that the documents were illigible. How is it that a pdf document in color that is enlarged and perfect cannot be viewed by their computers??

Mr. David Butler, if your company is so great why do you have to go to these complaint sites to see what customers are saying? Why doesn't your company fix the problem?

Since my complaints are exactly the same as many, many others, I can only assume you are in the business of ripping off customers. I hope that some lawyer files a gigantic class action and runs your business into the ground!


Well, I have left at least 2 messages, and have heard nothing else, and when I chek VitalChek website to see status, no change... Don't know what to think.

Vitalchek Verified Representative

Dear VitalChek Customer,

Please contact me directly at 800-669-8313 Ext: 6879 for assistance with your order. I'm sure I can help.

Thank you,

David Butler

VitalChek Network, Inc.


I am in complete agreement with article.I have spent 5 months trying to get a Death Certificate and am no nearer to obtaining document.They are the most useless,incompetent and unhelpful company I have had the misfortune to have dealt with.They also have the full fees for the service which I am now trying to get returned

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