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I too like many I have learned had a very bad time dealing with Vitalchek. They took three payments instead of one, and more. Tried in vain to get a refund and credit card bill credited. I finally did contact this BBB and file a complaint took one month!

Williamson County Branch

367 Riverside Drive Ste 110

Franklin, TN 37064

Tel: 615-250-7431 Fax: 615-250-7433

I went to BBB web site filed a complaint and was in email communication with BBB in TN. They were very helpful, and contacted Vitalchek and also got me a complete refund.

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Brooklyn, New York, United States #1344617

its been 2 months now and i still have not received my birth certificate ive called numerous times...they gave me this number which turned out to b a 311 number so i called vitalcheck again and gives me another number which just rings and a machine comes up im already furious and relized ive just got i call again vitalcheck and now there telling me i can go to some address and see what they can tell me and then call her back..which is now i have to call out of work to go and find out wheres my document that i paid vitalcheck to process and send it to me by mail...this is crazy and i will be contacting the bbb to file a complaint against vitalcheck..i just want my certificate which i paid for over 2 months ago..please be careful with vitalcheck


Glad it helped, and hope everything goes smoothly with you


I just placed my order with VitalChek yesterday.Since seeing your "Pissed Off" site, I have sent them an e-mail with my concerns and hope to receive a reply.

Thank you for the information regarding BBB in Tennessee in case I should need it.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.Suzanne

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