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I ordered my birth certificate on 2/29/2012--expedited shipping--from VitalChek (linked from the State of Colorado Birth Certificate ordering page), and uploaded all of the requested information the same evening. After receiving acknowledgement that they had everything and it was okay, I wait almost two weeks without any information from the state, and after a half-dozen emails and two calls I find out that the state requested a different form of ID (I sent one of the ones on the list, but it did not have a signature on it, I guess, so they needed my DL). Evidently they had been sitting on this information for almost a month because it was already 4/6/2012, and they had not informed me of any need to send information, or even contact the because of a problem. After a combative phone call where the guy seemed to accuse me of not sending in the right stuff (in spite of their acknowledgement that they received the correct forms, ID, etc.), I copied and faxed in my DL on the same day (still 4/6/2012) and wait again.

More emails--unanswered this time--and a phone call with a long wait, and I find out that they DID get my fax on 4/6 when I sent it, but had been sitting on it for 20 days! I confirmed with the gal on the phone three separate times that they did receive the DL on the day I sent it, and she said they were waiting on "a signature". Really, she said "a signature" not "an ID with a signature" or "confirmation of signature" or anything else, they were waiting for a signature.

The gal on the phone said that she cannot keep me informed about the status of the submission or even if I would be waiting for something else after this. I asked her if she realize that I ordered this expedited and that sitting on it for 20 days without any information or attempt to move it forward was very unusual. She did not really even acknowledge the question and, instead, said I could call in tomorrow to see if they had submitted it. If they ever get it through, I will be surprised. Right now I feel completely ripped-off. So far I can trace nearly 60 days for something that should have taken just over a week.

As a result, I decided to fax another order directly to the State of Colorado with the hope that it will be processed quickly (they do same-day turn around on these when you are in-person).

Service: Extremely poor, with no sense urgency about anything.

People: Unconcerned bordering on rude; they act like they are doing you a favor just by breathing.

Results: None. Period.

Value: None.

Recommendation: Find another way to get your vital records even if it means dealing with the state directly. (TBH, some states are really getting their service together these days.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Vitalchek Birth Certificate.

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