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I started to order a document from vitalchek...didn't finish finish the registration, changed my mind and they charged $6 to my account. I can't get a hold of them, there is no way to find them except to order more...I will be going to the better business to complain.

I say do it the old fashion way...you never know who will attach themselves to your bank account. I will be fighting for $6 lousy bucks but it's the principal of the thing...and I have nothing else to say to satisfy 100 words...geesh.

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They charge a 6 dollar fee for processing through VitalChek Meaning VitalChek Having to mean the middle man between you and the place your getting your documents from. They clearly state "IF ORDER IS CANCELLED THE PROCESSING FEE IS STILL CHARGE" on your reciept. Please read everything on your receipt so you dont make a big fuss over something you miss read or didnt read at all.

So your pretty much gonna fight for something on your half!

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