I tried to cancel right away first i sent a e-mail,there e-mail response--> Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.Subject---------------------------------------------------------------Cancel- Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?

Discussion Thread---------------------------------------------------------------Response (Summer Martinez) - 04/03/2010 10:13 AM Dear Customer, Unfortunately, your order has already been submitted to the vital records office for processing and we are unable to cancel the order. Once the vital records office receives your request, the order is unable to be cancelled and they will fulfill the order within the processing time that you were provided with.

We do apologize for any inconveniences that this may cause.Please call Kane County @ 630-232-**** to cancel Sincerely,VitalChek Online Support

and called had to stay on the phone for 47-min before being told to bad,the county won't charge me,because I'm not getting anything,also can't reimburse me for the money vitalchek took,i wish i could make money for nothing,like i said i canceled right away,they just blew me off until they got there money..After 2 e-mail's and 2 phone call's BEWARE NO REFUNDS..

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im pregnant and need my birth certificate right i go online to vital check type in my order it says ur order has been cancelled!! i didnt cancel it so they must have done it they never respond to my emails askin whats going on this is rediculous!!

to kikki #975369

I am having the same issue!!! It says something is pending but I have confirmation that it was approved and sent to processing.

Challis, Idaho, United States #677258

I had a problem with our order...Couldn't verify my identify...

I called...

They canceled...Guy on the phone deserves a raise...


I've had a couple of OK and a couple very bad experiences with VitalChek. They are probably among the most opaque businesses I've ever dealt with. Their customer service brings to mind the Kremlin.


I just used Vitacheck the other day, Unlike you folks i did not cancel my order and did look up everything i had to do, I have a problem with my order cause over the phone it says it was cancelled so I called customer service and they helped me no with no extra charge, and i got my birth certificate easy, remember READ before you buy, Vitacheck worked for me and should work for you


I will echo what David said - nowhere does it say that they only accept notarized proof of ID.They make it sound so easy and fast, prying on people who need their records fast, or why would the click on the VitalChek button?

Don't be a fool, and don't be in a hurry.You will loose time and money dealing with this company!!!!!!!!


i have done business with this company 4 times i even gave the wrong date for a copy of marriage certificate after correcting the date and repaying i was imedately called telling me my credit card would be reemburrsed for the charge they tell you 3 times the charges are not refundable once you give them your credit card info and if you call the actual county they give you or should theacutual real customer service number :)


Nowhere on the website does it say that you will need to fax or mail a notarized form to Vitacheck.But AFTER you pay, and I mean on the same confirmation screen that shows your order number, there is.

30 seconds later could not cancel...

I hope, I really really hope I run into ANYONE that works for them one day.I WILL get 12 bucks worth back in a beating.

Vitalchek Verified Representative

Dear Customer,

Please contact us at vitalchek_gateway@custhelp.com and please use 'Consumer Complaint' as your subject. We can hopefully address any issues you might have with orders that have been placed.

Thank you,

VitalChek Network, Inc.


BEWARE FOLKS.They are a real scam.I requested my birth certificate, after giving them my credit info, minutes later I changed my mind, but their website would not allow you to do so.

I never sent the additional info they requested, but just got my credit statement and $12.70 was charge to me.BEWARE of these ripe off artist.

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