Marcq,Abu Dhabi

I to am one that got ripped off by these worthless sons-a-***. They do not give a *** about you nor do they have any pride in their service.

They take your money and that is all they are interested in. Why are they not in jail? You or I would be.

I would really like to get nose to nose with you.....use your imagination how it would end up. I for one would like to get behind a law suit and put these jerks out of business and create a great big hole in their pockets.

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If you're still thinking about a class action lawsuit against Vital Check, please contact me right away. This is the most unprofessional company I've ever dealt with and do not understand how they are still in business.

They charged me a processing fee, yet were unable to complete my order, and after several attempts to find out the status of my order, I've now been informed that they no longer process orders for Death Certificates for the State of Indiana as of October 15. However, my original order was placed on 6/25/2012, and today is November 5. Not once did anyone from Vital Check contact me regarding my order, nor did I ever receive a refund. Without any luck contacting Vital Check directly, I contacted David Butler from the number in this review.

After attempting to over explain, and continuous rambling to try and appease the situation, he did explain that it could take 5 - 7 business days. When I reminded him that it is Nov. 5, and that they stopped processing orders for Indiana on Oct. 15, he went on to over explain and ramble some more.

So, after trying to explain to him that it is more than 5 - 7 business between Oct. 15 to Nov. 5, I let him try and over explain or over talk his way out of the situation, I calmly explained that if I do NOT have the refund by the 6th business day, I will follow up with a lawsuit of my own. Big Businesses trying to take advantage of consumers in America by assuming that we are mindless idiots who will take whatever they give us, has to stop.

This goes out to, not only Vital Check, but any other American company that outsources customer service to overseas employees, have some *** PRIDE! You are still an American.


Dear Customer,

Please contact me directly at 800-669-8313 Ext: 86879 for assistance with any order or payment issues you experienced with our company. I'm certain I can resolve any concerns you have to your satisfaction.

Thank you,

David Butler

VitalChek Network

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