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For the past six months, I (successfully) dealt with Lexis-Nexis sending unsolictied material with unauthorized charges to my business, which is a violation of law.

Finding myself in need of a birth certificate and trying to avoid the time and cost of driving to a notary and/or the County Recorder's office, I fell into Lexis-Nexis's (who owns Vital Check) fraud again.

After completing what appears to be the usual online requests for obtaining products/services, and after Vital Check has you sign a "you will be charged for any cancellation", only then do they disclose you still have to go down to the notary and then scan/fax the notarized form to them for processing.

So exactly why would anyone request their services when, with notarized form in hand, all you need to do is mail it to the County Recorder, incurring charges of $20 instead of $50.

Fraud is an intentional deception made for personal gain. It's clear to me given past experiences with Lexis-Nexis and their failure to disclose all that is necessary for their services, before requiring charge authorization, with no way to immediately cancel your order after you learn you still must have the County form notarized, is a process designed to deceive for gain.

Now they can spends another six months dealing with me as they will not get a dime of my money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Vitalchek Birth Certificate.

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I ordered my grandson's birth certificate 6 weeks ago. I have sent my scanned ID to them twice.

I waited and after not hearing from them I sent them a message asking the status. After waiting several days they answered and said my ID didn't go through, which I resent. Several weeks went by and I assumed that I would receive what I ordered. They took their money from my account.

I heard nothing and called them again and they said, "Oh no, you have to sign the authorization form". I did that and faxed it to the number they gave me. I have the verification from the fax machine. I heard nothing for 2 more weeks.

I finally called them tonight and they said they never received the form. This is BS. I have waited for something that was vital.

They are scammers. They steal your money and do not provide what you order.


vital check is a fruad company...i placed an order online and was kept on hold for 2 months.the online status check got disabled in 45 days and you can NEVER reach anyone on phone.I had to travel to my home country for my grandfather's death and since my child could not get her birth certificate AT ALL from vital check, we could not get her passport and hence could not travel....all those working in vital check suck big time....RIP grandpa...:(


I had the same experience as Ddunn. And there is no way to get ahold of him!

The 1800-669-8123 ex. 6879 is a fraud. They need a 5 digit ex. and it never gives you a live person.

What is their real number to cancel my order. I blocked my debit card but they now have my sons social security number


You (the initial assistance and her supervisor) were contacted immediately and refused to clear all charges.


Dear Customer,

Please contact me directly regarding this issue. If we did not provide proper notice regarding documentation needs then we can refund any fees that were charged. I can be reached at 800-669-8313 Ext: 6879

Thank you,

David Butler

VitalChek Network, Inc.

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