I have faxed and called and emailed (though the server error page comes up almost every time I submitted a question!!!)and have had NO RESPONSE!! They make it almost impossible to contact them!

I keep getting emails saying that the order is on hold because they haven't recieved Notarized Sworn Statement! Its BS! I've snt it no prob 3 times! I hate that they took my $$$ and provide horrible service!

scam scam scam!!! They say, regardless of the day that it is experiencing high volume of calls and after waiting for an HOUR still nobody answers the call!!!

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Murrysville, Pennsylvania, United States #1324844

I ordered a birth certificate march 15, 2017. I paid $10 for a expedite fee.

It's still not here. I asked and they said I paid expedite fees but I didn't pay for expedited shipping.

It takes 25-35 days to process the order then an additional 10 business days to ship. Guess who's filing a complaint

Fitzgerald, Georgia, United States #622929

I agree with Victor I used VitalCheck to get my birth certificate and I got my certificate a few weeks later even though they said it would take 2 to 3 business days with UPS. VITALCHECK IS NOT A SCAM!!!!

but the down side with this company is that they take forever in processing an order due to the fact that their trying to proof your identity. I think they should let people know from the get go that they're gonna need more documents to prove their identity after placing and order instead of processing an order and then ask you for your documentations and they should let you know that this process may take weeks before you get what you order. If you decide to go with VitalCheck be ready to wait long and have the right documents to proof your identity because they will ask for it. I wanted to add that they do have a phone number and website to call or email customer care if you have any problems with an order.

I do agree that they don't have the best customer service but they did answer a question that I had.

Hope this was helpful people. -Peace-


I have no idea what you people are talking about. I used for a BIRTH CERTIFICATE and in 3.5 days I received my BIRTH CERTIFICATE by USPS for $38.40 complete. I give them a 5 STAR RATING.


We have had similar experiencec with this *** poor company. We need a divorce decree and faxed the required documents several times.

But the order is still on hold. We have done EVERYTHING they have asked with no results!!!!

SCAM!!!! :(


Called the county we got married and the price of marriage cert was $22.00. Vital ck wanted to charge me $36.00 plus processing fees for a total of $44.001 if I wanted it in 2-3 days another $19.75.

if thats not a scam i dont know what is!!!! :cry :cry


Vital Chek is a scam. I payed for an apostille stamp and when they sent me the birth certificate there was no apostille stamp on it.They claim I didn't check the "country" box so they didn't know which country the apostille stamp was for.Well, there was NO "country" box on their online form.

I have tried to get in touch with them and it's very difficult/almost impossible.Basically, I lost lots of money with these people.Please beware! :( :( :( :( :x :x


This company IS running a scam...I'd say BUYER BEWARE anytime there are terms & conditions longer than 1 sentence! READ IT...thats how they are able to scam us! Most of us dont read this nonsense & just check it...There isnt much that can be done when WE unknowingly agree to their BS.


VitalCheck uses false advertising........

They guaranteed a Birth Certificate in 12 days.

My Certificate still has not been received afer 4 weeks.

I will submit a Complaint with the NYC Better Business Bureau so they cannot do business in New York City in the future.......


I ordered a birth certificate back on December 2010, I called vital Check today and they told me that I would have to pay them again if I wanted a birth certificate, and which is worst I do not know where is my birth certicate or who has it. Vital Check is a Rip Off


we needed my husband birth certificate and went to KY department of vital statistics, it linked us to vital check, we ordered monday evening, they called us to confirm the order, wednesday evening same week the birth certificate was delivered. No errors, no delays, I do not know why you call it scam! We were really satisfied with their services!!!


I've seen so many complaints and was concerned about ordering my birth certificate through VitalChek, but I needed it quickly and it seemed okay since the county's site said to use VitalChek to pay with card online. So I took a chance and I am very, very pleased.

The site says if you order it through regular mail it takes 7-10 business days but I ordered mine on Monday (3/7/11) and got it today, Friday (3/11/2011) in the mail. I'm not sure what's going on with all these people calling it scam and/or having problems getting certificates through VitalChek but I have absolutely no complaints. Maybe some people are not entering information correctly or something?

I don't know and I feel bad for those having problems but, in my opinion, VitalChek is definitley NOT a scam. Good luck!


If you use this company you will break items around your house!! They do not let you order vital records over the internet and you still have to get your paperwork notarized.

Keep in mind you paid extra for having to do this when you could have done it for less by dealing directly with the county. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( PS I filled out a complaint with the BBB ***!!


I am an attorney. VitalCheck is a known scam and a very high ID theft risk.

It is a quasi-criminal organization avoid at all costs. DOJ is ivestigating and has several comlaints filed against them.


I asked for a record a week ago,they said they needed more info i faxed that over three times with no problem but yet it still says my order is pending.there is no way to get my money back and no way to talk to anyone,this company is a scam.this was done so that my friends son could stay in school.thisa is BS. :(


I agree,, this is a complete SCAM. You have to pay to get access to the link 19.95 and then the outrageous shipping, handling, procesising fee involved and you can't retract the payment of 19.95 to get the link,, therefore,,what I could have gone and paid 30.00 at the court house cost me 70.00,,,total rip off,, I recommend you stay away from this company.




Vitalchek Verified Representative

Dear Customer,

Please contact us at and please use 'Consumer Complaint' as your subject. We can hopefully address any issues you might have with orders that have been placed.

Thank you,

VitalChek Network, Inc.

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