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This company says they will deliver in one to two business says, false, they will send your order to vital records for that state, and then forget about the follow up or even answering your emails, try to reach them by phone, yeh it is impossible, so why would they take the time to answer an email ? Not good business......

I do not care how *** long they have been in business, they are worthless, they have auto mated questions you can send them but no answers, I am so *** mad, I wish I could find the stinking office and go there in person,,,,,, God I hate people that take avantage of other people ....... they sure have no problem taking your money immediately out of your account....... I am not sure if an order was even sent to vital records. Now I have to take the extra time to file a complaint with my bank and credit card company.....

God I wish I would have handled this directly thru vital records of colorado....EVERY ON STOP USING VITAL CHECK.......... WORTHLESS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lets go to the usa embassy, call our governor write letters everything we can to get this nasty company out. With all the letters and complaints and calls to the usa embassy goverment ect ect they will do something about it and take them down. They scammed the wrong person.


same problem with me. I needed by B.C. from california. I contacted the state and was told it would take two to four weeks. I also checked the application and Ca. asks only for a notarized statement for id. ( I lost my licence)

So I go with this vital check to make it quicker. They send me their forms but unlike Ca they require a picture id, which I dont have and that is why I am trying to get my birth certificate.

Emails have gone unanswered and no one answers the phone # they give once you pay.

So I called California again and they said to send the paperwork overnight with an overnight envelope for them too send it back and I may get it in time to get my license.

Wish I would have done this from the start because I threw 50 bucks away and also delayed myself even further.


:( :cry :( :cry :( omg i cant believe this i have ordered my birth certificate almost 1 month ago and still NO response and No birth certificate ..this should be reported its not fair !!!!:(

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