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i ordered a Bith certificate twice and paid 45 Dollars both times to not even receive my birth certificate and when i called nobody could help me on finding out what the problem was they just kept passing me off to the next person once somebody finally started to help me they said my birth certificatehad been sent but i waited a few more weeks called back and still nothing has happened they make a promise of a service and then they can't follow through how is it they are still in buisness if a self owned company were to pull these stunts the gov would shut them down how do they get away with it

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I recently ordered a birth certificate through this same company and after doing it decide to instead go to get it myself. I never sent the supporting faxed id that was required to complete the order.

I read on their website that if you did not send in the supporting id that your order would automatically be canceled after 15 days and fully refunded at that time. Well that is not what happan they did cancel the order but I was still charged their processing fee. I emailed them for a refund and they said that the agency in the state were the birth certificate is does not give refunds.

My guess is that is what this company tells all their customers that want a refund no manner what state it is. In my opinion if the company was a good above the board business they would give full refunds for no service or at the very less charge a small fee and not the full amount.

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Dear VitalChek customer,

Please contact me at 800-669-8313 Ext: 6879 and I can help you with your order.

Thank you,

David Butler

VitalChek Network, Inc.

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