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I wanted to get a birth certificate for my son and went to http/ because it was only $19.99 and other sites were about $22.00. well once I payed and then folled the link I was informed that I would pay another $22.00 The site is a scam to rip off people.

They do not let you cancel, even if you try immediately.

You are led to think that you will get a certificate for $19.99 however when you try to complete the process you find out you must pay an additional $22.00. It is a rip off.

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Vitalchek Verified Representative

VitalChek Customer,

The site is not affiliated with VitalChek, however sites of this type may use VitalChek's purchasing site to place an order using the information you supplied to them. You can avoid their $19.99 fee by simply visiting yourself.

David Butler

VitalChek Network, Inc.

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