I need a copy of my father/mother in laws death certificate. They said the easiest way of obtaining the death certificates is by going through vital check.

Well guess what. I ordered the death certificates one for my mother in law (2003) and one for my father in law (1997). I got my mother in laws death certificate in 5 days, but I am still waiting for my father in laws. It is 9 days already.

When I called vital check they said I had to give it 10 days so that they may find out whats wrong. He said they are only human! What a nice answer I got from this person. I paid $38.80 for one death certificate and I am still waiting for it.

Then the person says to me go down to any agency they will give it to you right there. Again not true. I need the death certificate by Friday, I am not holding my breath because I know I am not going to receive it.

What a joke thats why this city is like it is.

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Dear Customer,

Please contact me directly at 800-669-8313 Ext: 86879 regarding your outstanding NYC vital record order. I can assist you with getting this record if it has not already been sent.

Thank you,

David Butler

VitalChek Network


Who said you had to go through Vital Check? I have ordered various certificates, birth/death, etc.

directly from my state capital. I print out the order forms that I need for the specific certificate that I need, right from the state's web site, fill it out, and send a check in the proper amount and within a week or two I have the certificate. It all depends on how far back they have to look.

I don't use the internet or phone to order things like that. It is usually less expensive to go through the state capital.

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