I need a copy of my father/mother in laws death certificate.They said the easiest way of obtaining the death certificates is by going through vital check.

Well guess what. I ordered the death certificates one for my mother in law (2003) and one for my father in law (1997). I got my mother in laws death certificate in 5 days, but I am still waiting for my father in laws. It is 9 days already.

When I called vital check they said I had to give it 10 days so that they may find out whats wrong. He said they are only human! What a nice answer I got from this person. I paid $38.80 for one death certificate and I am still waiting for it.

Then the person says to me go down to any agency they will give it to you right there. Again not true. I need the death certificate by Friday, I am not holding my breath because I know I am not going to receive it.

What a joke thats why this city is like it is.

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Dear Customer,

Please contact me directly at 800-669-8313 Ext: 86879 regarding your outstanding NYC vital record order. I can assist you with getting this record if it has not already been sent.

Thank you,

David Butler

VitalChek Network


Who said you had to go through Vital Check?I have ordered various certificates, birth/death, etc.

directly from my state capital. I print out the order forms that I need for the specific certificate that I need, right from the state's web site, fill it out, and send a check in the proper amount and within a week or two I have the certificate. It all depends on how far back they have to look.

I don't use the internet or phone to order things like that.It is usually less expensive to go through the state capital.

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