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  • 3 hours ago
  • by anonymous
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I purchased a copy of my birth certificate and filled out a lengthy survey that included my full social security number. After paying $36, I received a certified document letting me know that they couldn't find the document and that I am "not entitled to a refund." I live over 3,000 miles away from my birth place so figuring this out in office is not an option. Add comment

  • 2 days ago
  • Professional Services
  • Birth Certificate Copies
  • 23

They not only didn't get my birth certificate. They kept my money and refused to give me a refund. They then tried to get me to get in touch with the vital records office myself in order to get my birth certificate. They claimed I didn't submit the notarized affidavit. Which is not true. I sent the notarized affidavit that is required. I am not trying to get the paperwork on my own and this... Read more

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  • Jul 25
  • Professional Services
  • Stockton, California
  • Birth Certificate Delivery
  • 25

VitalChek and the County of Los Angeles processed and sent my birth certificate within a couple of days. Unfortunately UPS did not deliver. Paid an extra $18.50 to have my birth certificate delivered overnight. Unfortunately I was not home when they tried to deliver it and a signature is required. Called to reschedule delivery for the next day, took off entire day of work waiting only to be... Read more

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Got my birth cretificate in 3 days. Everything was accurate and im happy with the service they provided me. Did it online didnt have to be on the phone for hours it was great. Good stuff for sure. Add comment

  • Jul 18
  • Professional Services
  • Marriage Verification Certificate
  • 14

I had ordered a marriage verification certificate, and I received one; however, my marriage verification document does not show the name on the certificate that I had ordered. I notified them, and I was told that they can not help what is on record and that it is my responsibility to have it changed. They are now responding to my emails regarding my concerns with hostile emails. Please avoid this... Read more

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  • Jul 06
  • Professional Services
  • Vitalchek Birth Certificate
  • 29

I need a copy of my Birth Certificate, tried VitalChek. A question arose about which birth name to use (adoption), so I clicked their question button. Submitting a question requires an Order Number, (meaning you must complete the form before you can ask a question). Once I completed the form, they claim they are unable to make changes, and pass the responsibility to me, saying I must contact the... Read more

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  • Jun 27
  • Professional Services
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Death Certificate
  • 83

I tried to order the death certificate for my great grandparents. I entered in all of the information required about where and when they died and my information and then entered my credit card information. AFTER I gave them all of my info, I was directed to a screen that said I would have to prove that these were my great grandparents by providing mine, my parents' and my grandparents' birth... Read more

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  • Jun 26
  • Professional Services
  • Birth Certification
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  • 54

Unless your driver's license has your Credit Card mailing address printed on it, as your passport has no address on it, you will be shafted by this company. I provided passport, valid driver's license, insurance company bills, lawyer bills, car prove to them i was properly representing myself. It seems, that if you do not do THEIR JOB for THEM, there is no service from this... Read more

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  • Jun 26
  • Professional Services
  • Dallas, Georgia
  • Legal Document Provider
  • 72

What a scam. They have this "service" to get the birth certificates in a timely fashion. WHAT A JOKE. They string you along for a few weeks station your "order is being processed and 45 days later they flag your order and state " any order over 45 days is not available for security reasons". I call ***. This is nothing short of FRAUD in the 3rd degree !!! So now I can't get a license renewed... Read more

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Three month ago I ordered my late husbands Death Certificate. I got my money back through my Bank. Now VitalCheck are trying to send me the D.C . 3 month late , and for a $52.50 fee. I refused UPS delivery , since I got my DC. From the health Department for $20, within five seconds. Now I let VitalCheck sweat it out for good. Everyone who got screwed by their scam could have gotten their mony... Add comment

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